Welcome to Serrate Consulting!

Serrate Consulting, LLC welcomes you for a free consultation to discuss your needs and develop a customized delivery model for our next steps.  We serve organizations from Startup to Fortune 500.  Our consultants are well versed in business challenges and growing pains.  Let our diversity shine by delivering results you deserve to move to the next level, and chapter of your legacy.


Listening to the needs of an organization, we slice through the limitations and clear the path for growth.  Serrate Consulting delivers results to secure the legacy of an organization.


We listen to local markets and cut to the heart of the matter.  We grow relationships and teams through results.


Family – we believe family is important and it strengthens the people working here.   

Honesty, Integrity & Character – at our core, we must keep our word and deliver results, it is the basis of what each individual offers the world.  At Serrate Staffing, these values are held to a higher standard.

Social Listening – we believe in the value of listening to others.  We welcome ideas that will continually improve our organization.

Respect – we give respect to earn it in return.

Fun – when you enjoy what you do, you become your best self!


Serrate Consulting, LLC developed from a culmination of experience in information technology, headhunting, higher education, financial services, marketing, business development, leadership, and an entrepreneurial spirit.  Our founder began his journey into the business world at a young age selling products door to door as a child and continued learning through trial and error.  The combination of experience and the successful track record as an employee making money for others drove the foundation for our business model.  Today, we serve our clients with an open ear and a balanced focus on how our decisions impact the bottom line now and in the future.

“Meeting with Russell from Serrate Consulting was a great experience.  He takes your business plan to the next level with creative and innovative business ideas. Russell challenges you to think outside of the box and gives you assignments to support changes for growth.  If you own a business and you want to increase revenue and get a different perspective, you must schedule a meeting with Serrate Consulting.”

Stephanie Hernandez, Owner & Founder, Hair Cult Salon